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Podcast Equipment Guide

The Castos Podcast Equipment Guide highlights all of the necessary hardware & software needed to produce a podcast.

From microphones, to recording software, this guide will cover what you need to get started.


Get the best microphones for podcasting.

Recording Software

Learn which podcasting apps are the best.

For brands & small teams

Podcast Readiness Guide

The Podcast Readiness Guide is great for brands and small teams that want to launch a podcast. If you’re leading a new marketing initiative or selling the idea of a podcast to your C-suite team, this guide will highlight everything you should consider.

Brands & Teams

Great for brands looking to start a podcast.


Checklist for producing & promoting a podcast.

Audio for beginners & advanced podcasters


The best podcast for new podcasters. We cover the basics of podcasting and marketing your shows. Everything you need to become successful as a podcaster.

3 Clips

A show for podcast producers wanting to take their show to the next level. Hosted by Jay Acunzo, he pushes the envelope on developing a better premise and interview.

podcast tutorials

Castos on YouTube

Follow & subscribe to the Castos YouTube channel for all of the latest podcast tutorials. We cover everything from podcast trends, to Castos updates and the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin.

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